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New illustrator

Graham Carter is one of the most intricate and exciting printmakers in the UK. He has been working at the forefront of the printmaking industry for over 15 years. He has also worked with Animation Studio TickTockRobot working on commercial animations for a wide variety of clients.

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His work is influenced largely by nature, and the secrets of the animal kingdom, however he is equally drawn to the man-made, clunky technology of yesteryear. You may find the occasional clockwork or steam-powered gadget lurking in the bowels of his images if you look close enough (and he likes to think the animals still use this technology!).

Graham's first book Alphamals based on his animal prints has been shortlisted on The North Somerset Children's book award for Poetry Books and his very first picture book, Otto Blotter Bird Spotter is published by Andersen Press in 2019.

Graham works primarily in digital media, yet also employs the use of traditional methods, such as screen printing and lino/wood cutting. He has made a successful career in commercial illustration, working with many established brands, including designing the imagery for the Children's BAFTA's, creating beautiful book covers which employ his design skills, creating exciting exhibition design and packaging for Waitrose.

Graham lives in Seaford with his wife Alice his two sons. You can often find him printing, sketching, or making a mess in his studio.

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Born in London and now based in Bristol, Joe Lillington graduated from University College Falmouth in 2014 and since leaving has already had two titles published by Flying Eye Books. Toby and the Ice Giants and Neffy and the Feathered Dinosaurs explores Joe's keen interest in natural history and knowledge of the pre-historic world. He also has a passion for history especially Anglo Saxon and Celtic life, with his great use of line and excellent draughtsmanship, his style is informative whilst being unique and honest.

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Joe's work is influenced by Medieval manuscripts for their detail and depiction of figures and landscapes. Bruegel is an artist he admires, for the interesting stories hidden in the detail whilst simultaneously giving a sense of atmosphere and place. Joe also fell in love with Asterix comics as a child, sparking his interest in history with excellent characterisation and narrative, which he also tries to emulate in his work.

Joe's process starts with a pencil drawing where he varies the thickness of line depending on the scale. Sometimes he works over it with pencil and crayon or watercolour, then colours it digitally. Joe tries to keep the digital process simple, his aim is to create a sense of depth and atmosphere in his work.

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